Environmental Design & Murals

I’ve worked as a freelance artist for Chalk and Brush Co., a Miami-based entity that creates chalk menus, restaurant murals, environmental installations, and more – all by hand. My role has included designing murals & signage as well as assisting with the painting process.

After four years of direction and loving critique, my favorite college professor Sarai Nuñez gave me free reign to paint a type mural on her patio wall. My process involved measuring out my workable area, chalking in a rough sketch, and then employing my tried-and-true art of free-handing the rest.

I hand-lettered the design for Rice Mediterranean Kitchen’s first type mural, which they translated into dimensional grass, as part of their Miami rebrand. It was especially photogenic when the winner of The Bachelorette Season 13 ‘grammed it.


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